This Is The Best Antivirus People Need

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This post will give you a definition of antivirus.  Tell you why you need antivirus. Give you sources of how viruses get into your computer. Show you how to locate your antivirus.  And tell you the best antivirus people need.

What is an antivirus?

I get this question all of the time…  Simply put it is insurance for your computer. To keep you from getting viruses, adware,  spyware, ransomware. Or like getting the flu shot to prevent you being sick with the flue.  The only difference is it is or your computer.

Do you need an Antivirus for Windows 10? 

Yes, Windows 10 comes with a free antivirus windows defender.  The main reason to have antivirus installed on your computer is to protect your, data, pictures, and programs.  It keeps your computer running faster.  Like it did when you first purchased it.

The Top sources of virus attacks are:

  • Email attachments ( most popular) scan all of your emails even from friends and family
  • Booting from CD (especially one from an unknown source) remove CDs before shutting down your computer so it won’t accidentally boot your computer.
  • Downloadable Programs such as (games, freeware, screensavers)
  • Internet ( most common) think before you click download
  • Illegal versions of software ( cheap versions of software)
  • Cracked software ( software that the serial numbers have been stolen )

Should you get paid or free antivirus?  

If you have Windows 10 it comes with a free version of Windows Defender, Windows 7 comes with a free version of Microsoft Security Essentials.  I have taken both of these off a lot of systems that had viruses.  So… they are not my favorite.

This depends on the user.   Some free antivirus gives you basic protection.  Such as scanning for malware and checking for bad links some have a firewall.  The best part about the good free antiviruses is you can run them with a  Malwarebytes for added protection. And of course, it’s free! 

I usually recommend this for people who are the only user of the computer.  If you have other people (teens) using your computer go ahead and purchase your antivirus.  

The biggest disadvantage of free antivirus is technical support.  Most of them don’t have good technical support.

With paid antivirus, you get all of the “bells and whistles”  including technical support.

Where you find antivirus in windows 10?

Click Start>

Click Control Panel>

Under System and Security

Click Review your System Status>

Click the Arrow Button next to Security>

Type Security and Maintenance in the search box on the windows taskbar

Where you find antivirus in windows 7?

Click start>

Click Control Panel>

Click System and Security>

Check to see if there are any alerts tagged with red.  Correct these problems

Click Security and your antivirus will be listed under Virus Protection.

The best antivirus

The best antivirus, I believe is AVG.  There is a free version and paid.  I have found it protects very well and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.  And the price is right!

This is a full list of other antiviruses you can take a look at before deciding.

What is your favorite antivirus?  Leave your answers in the comments below.

Oh Yeah! Tip: Make sure your computer’s date ( bottom right-hand side of your screen) is correct.  Because your antivirus will not work properly and you will get viruses if it is wrong.




buying computer 

Buying a new computer can be hard because we are presented with so many options.  And most of us, myself included tend to lean toward the best price.  But you get what you pay for.  Many times you walk into a store the person who is selling you a computer is on commission or may be told by the store manger to get rid of a brand that is going out of date.  I really helps to have in mind what you really need.  Sometimes what you need will cost more that you want to pay.  But if you invest in a good system upfront you will save money in the long run.  Here are 5 things you should know before going shopping for your next system new or used.


  1. Always check the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) this affect how quickly you can open programs. And how many programs you can open at one time. 32 Bit system will run access only 3 GB RAM anything over is a waste of money. On a 64 Bit system 4 GB Ram is good. If you are a gamier 6 to 8 GB Ram is what you will want.
  2. If it is a used or( refurbished) computer check for a product key. This is a 25 digit code that identifies your computer. It is usually found on the back or bottom of the computer. If it does not have one this might mean it has been removed and your system has illegal copy of windows. If the person selling the computer says “don’t let this system update for Microsoft” don’t buy this system will not stay clean you will get viruses.
  3.  Buy computer from a store that will honor the 1 year warranty.   Normally if something is wrong with a computer and it is used regularly it will give you problems within a year. Extended warranties can help but is not required.
  4.  When buying a new computer always make sure you know what you need before buying a system. If you are just getting something for checking email. You don’t need something for a gamer. So buying the fastest computer with the most expensive video card, and the biggest harddrive would be a waste of money.
  5. Buy a new Surge Protector.  Make sure it says surge protector on the   box.  This will protect your new computer from power surges in your home.  A power surge is basically a spike in your home’s electrical current. The spike is very brief, usually lasting less than a thousandth of a second, but it can still cause damage to your home and appliances (computer).  Or APC Battery Back-UPS which keeps your cell phone charged, so you can





The Truth About Forgotten Passwords In 3 Little Words



I have always heard elephants never forget.   I don’t know who checked this out but ……hey maybe its true.   Have your ever forgotten something like where you left your cellphone, car keys or……….. password to a website?  I have………..would you like to know how to NEVER forget another password?  Well I am going to tell you.  This is not rocket science so it will not be hard to do.

What Is The Password For?

If this is a top secret password for your job.  Please do what you are told for your job.  This is for your personal passwords on your computer at home.  I don’t want you to get in trouble at work and then say……..”Regina did it”.

How Many Password Do you Have?

This will work for only one password especially if you have to change it every so often.  Now if you have about 2-bazillon passwords like I do……maybe not that many……but it feels like,  then this will really be helpful.  Heeeey It would be great if I had as many dollars as I have passwords…..hum……….that would be a lot!

How Long is The Password?

Most passwords are 6 to 8 characters with letters numbers and symbols.  So the average human can hold in working memory about 7+- items according to Wikipedia.  So if your password is longer than this and you have other things to remember you stand a good chance of forgetting at least one of your passwords.  Not to mention if you take a vacation and don’t use your password for a week or so.  Then you might forget your password.

We all forget password every now and then the good news is I am going to share with you a way to NEVER for get your password.  Can you guess what it would be……..Awe you guessed it  3 little words (write it down).  I have created a form  for you to use………….you  are welcome to download use and share.  For each website that you have a password simply store it on the form.  Keep it in a safe secret place.







I have wanted to have a blog for a while.  The reason it took so long I did not know if I had enough interesting information to share.  Since I have started following a few bloggers I find that I can ask my readers what you would like to hear about.  So please share your thoughts and opinions.  Who know it might become my next post!